Aeternum Koolitus ja Konsultatsioonid: Unlocking Multicultural Communication: From Lost in Translation to Harmonious Interaction

  • How can we better understand how different cultures communicate? What does communication consist of?
  • What are the things to be mindful of when dealing with people from different backgrounds?- Examples of how things have gotten wrong or ‘lost in translation’ and how body language has been interpreted in totally wrong way.
  • Tips to leaders and HR on how to integrate different cultures better into a team and help them settle in Estonia.


Anna-Liisa Kadaksoo-Jones, Aeternumi konsultant-koolitaja ning personalitöö konsultant.
Aeternum Koolitus ja Konsultatsioonid OÜ
Viru Konverentsikeskus
Andante 1+2
Algus / Lõpp
11:00 - 11:30